Lindsey’s Story

Lindsey-Jenkins--_Writing-stories-about-people-I-know_“I like writing stories about people I know”

Lindsey Jenkins
I always enjoyed doing English at school and this gave me the chance to be creative and write lots of stories. I have had several short stories published and continue to write new stories, a lot of them are about staff and people I have met along the way as I have got on with my life.

As well as writing I enjoy working on cross stitch and knitting. My favourite piece was one I produced of Henry VIII and all six of his wives, although I have produced lots of simpler things like scarves. I’ve even sold a few things!

I am close to my parents, who I like to visit regularly and still enjoy holidays with them. However I now live in my own flat, which is really good and I enjoy having the independence. I get some help with cooking, cleaning and doing things around the flat. I am working on going out on my own, just to town to do shopping or have a coffee in a café to start with. I would love to work or volunteer in a café or own my own one day.

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