Ann’s Story

“Me and my friend like going on holiday” Ann

Ann – Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust governor.

Ann, like most people, looks forward to going on holiday, her favorite type of holiday is cruise.

In her own words…
I was born as I am but I don’t feel as if I’m being listened to sometimes. People go ‘you can’t do this’and ‘you can’t do that’, I go ‘yes I can’ because that’s what I want do. This is why I do what I’m doing, because I enjoy helping other people like myself. I think ‘well you ought to be put in my shoes from birth up’ that is the way I feel about people like us. You can’t do this, you can do that, but you can’t do this.

We need help but I like to have a go myself to do things, to be independent. People like us have got to be listened to by people, not talked about over our heads. That is what I used to get, people didn’t used to talk to me they used to talk to the other person that I was with. I don’t like that, why don’t they speak to me? I’m the same as the person supporting me, or whoever! We have got a voice and we can speak!

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